Are you longing for ease? To feel empowered with tools, knowledge and confidence to enhance your child's wellbeing?

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I am committed to empowering you. When we have desire to change—and the tools we need to make it happen—nothing can stop us. 

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Like all living things we have the impulse to grow toward our fullest potential.

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Who I help

How I do it

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Who I help

I help parents who want to support their child's health and wellbeing through a holistic approach based in Chinese medicine. 

How I help

I use a variety of tools and techniques to help you achieve your child's wellness goals. These tools are rooted in Chinese medicine and natural healing. Suggestions may include simple lifestyle adjustments to support health, dietary changes, techniques to support nervous system regulation, massage, acupressure, phototherapy patches, herbal & dietary supplements. Session are through zoom and I provide a HIPPA compliant portal and documents with recommendations for our plan.

How you benefit

My goal from working together is for parents to feel calm, centered, and empowered, to feel that they have a roadmap of healing for their child. You will gain a deeper understanding of your child, the human body and your important role in healing your family. Most importantly you will learn new skills, practical and powerful techniques you can use with your child and yourself every day.


Helping to heal one child causes a ripple of positive change within a family and beyond. We nurture our children without knowing how their life will unfold.

Each day we can strive to give them the gift of health, so that they may face the future with strong bodies, minds and spirits.

My Inspiration

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Success Stories

"Maria is the most compassionate healer and treated me with such deep care and kindness during a particularly challenging time. After just a few weeks of regular acupuncture, I was amazingly headache free and my energy returned. I feel so thankful." -Michelle

"Maria is kind, professional and knowledgeable. I feel so so cared for and am grateful for this help." -Laura


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