About Me

 Compassionate, collaborative and practical.

I bring a fusion of knowledge from oriental medicine, herbal medicine, and nutrition which has been shaped by my clinical and personal experiences. I also bring a mother's intuition and care.


My Coaching

I love to partner with other parents to unearth their strengths and help them discover what is essential to their own nourishment and that of their child. 


From an early age I learned that health is a gift and needs to be cultivated daily. My desire to help you heal your child's health issues is powerfully rooted in my own experience. 

Me in 2015 with my son


Me in 2019 with my daughter


My Journey


My mom knew there was another way for me to heal from chronic asthma. From the age of four, my family used Chinese medicine and herbal medicine to help me heal from the inside out in a way that long term use of medications never could have. I know what its like to feel sick, less than, somehow broken. And I also know what its like to feel whole, healed, and vital.


At twenty two I experienced another health crisis. I began to examine my childhood experiences in a new way. I began to study botanical medicine from herbalists across the US, worked in an actual apothecary (yes they exist). I was hooked.  After four years of intense training (3,000 hours of instruction), I earned my Masters of Acupuncture from the New England School of Acupuncture in 2014. I have worked in diverse clinic settings MA and VT.

The birth of my children in 2015 and 2019 opened the door to further study in pediatric acupuncture/Chinese medicine. I saw first hand how my children benefited from simple natural interventions I had learned. I am passionate about sharing this knowledge and empowering you, mama!





My work is fueled from the core of who I am.


My Background 




Continuing Education

  • Brain Science and the Child's Journey Toward Self with Sharifa Oppenheimer & Lifeways of North America

  • Clean Parenting from Parenting for Wholeness