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Welcome to Wellevate, my online dispensary through Emerson Ecologics

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  • 400+ brands backed by the Emerson Quality Program®

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  • Professional-grade supplements trusted by integrative health practitioners for over 40 years

  • Brands tested for current manufacturing processes, including cGMP, raw material testing, and final product testing

  • Plus herbs, supplements, personal care products and home essentials all in one place

Quality Assurance


Emerson Quality Program: Emerson Ecologics' standards require that ALL distributed brands undergo a quality assessment, but our quality goes far beyond that. With EQP, we invite brands to open their doors on confidential manufacturing processes to have our team carefully and comprehensively evaluate them. Depending on their quality practices, brands may qualify for an EQP Silver or EQP Gold Partner level.

Emerson is proud of our EQP Silver and Gold Partners and verify that manufacturing processes meet or exceed federal dietary supplement cGMPs, including:

  • Smart, clinically oriented product formulations

  • Tight manufacturing quality controls

  • Raw ingredient and finished product testing to assure product and ingredient quality

from Emerson Ecologics website

The bottom line: not all supplements are created equal. 

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