Children's wellness coaching

Your worry doesn't have to always run in the background, eating away your energy, sovereignty, and joy.

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Get to the root of your child's health challenges

We all wish to see our child thrive. Unfortunately many children are not thriving.

headaches, bellyaches, constipation, sleep issues, cavities, anxiety, food, asthma, eczema, food allergies, environmental allergies, recurrent ear infections, frequent illness, hyperactivity, ADD, depression, autism.

Common conditions affecting children:

Father and Daughter

What can we do?

Let's build a wellness plan for your child together. A plan that takes into account your whole child. Together we will do a deep dive into your child's unique situation, health challenges, and constitution according to Chinese medicine. We will examine ways to optimize your child's diet and environment. We will make a roadmap/action plan designed specifically for your child that can help increase your confidence, knowledge and skills to care for you child's health. 

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Father and Daughter
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You are the catalyst

I am here to listen to you, to learn from you and share what I know. When our children struggle, so do we. You are also part of the picture! Many parents can feel overwhelmed by their child's health needs and for good reason. This is normal.


Together we can help you shift out of overwhelm, fear, and worry. From a place of calm you can connect more fully to your instinct, and your child. You are the catalyst for change! Celebrate that.


I am here to help you find the knowledge and resources that you need so that you can take action. AND I am here to remind you slow down, breath, and care for yourself.