Empowered Parent Coaching

Overwhelmed, disconnected, exhausted parent, I see you. And there is another way to show up for your child(ren). More ease, connection and rejuvenation are possible. 

My personal journey in this work began with the pandemic's inception. I left my part time job as an acupuncturist and began to consider ways to bridge my personal and professional interests. Ok, let's face it, most days I just tried to survive with a 1 and 4 year old (now 3 and 6). Many of you can relate to the challenges of parenting during the pandemic, the intensity and stress of it. I began to search for more knowledge and tools to deal with my own stress and parenting challenges. The stack of books on my nightstand grew. I finished some and tossed away others. I felt like every day I was pushing up on my limitations, physical, mental and emotional.

The pressure valve began to release in April of 2021 when I began to work with a Simplicity Parenting Coach. She ignited my passion for self-discovery through parenting. I felt supported and seen and I began to ask the question, could I offer this to other parents? In September of 2021, I completed a different three-month program called Clean Parenting and I discovered that I had a lot of work to do, a lot of habits and assumptions to unlearn and this was a worthy endeavor. I also began to understand that creating a rewarding family life is like creating a great work of art. It takes time, patience, diligence, and trust in the creative process. I wanted to become more skillful and live from a place of intention and not reactivity to unleash the magic of connection with my children. That is what led me to Jai Institute. 

In the spring of 2022 I will complete my training and I will begin to offer the program in the fall of 2022. For more information or questions:

Playful Mother and Daughter

Guiding Philosophy

"Our fundamental and guiding philosophy is based on this truth: Our children’s behavior is a direct reflection of their needs (met or unmet) and our triggers (expressed consciously or expressed unconsciously). When we change, our children’s behavior changes. Without exception. So we provide a deeply transformational experience for parents first."

- Jai Institute

Our Journey together

In our 12 weeks together you will learn how to shift into a new paradigm of parenting. One that will restore connection, trust and mutual respect. Each week you will watch 1-4 short videos and complete a reflective workbook exercises followed by a 1 hour coaching call with me.


The empowered parenting program will teach you processes, tools, and strategies that are grounded in the foundations of non-violent communication, brain development, attachment and nervous system science emotional intelligence and the neuroplasticity work of Dr. Bruce Lipton.


Image by Josue Michel