What to know about ordering the patches

LifeWave patches come in sleeves of 30 patches which will last 30 to 60 days depending on the recommended protocol. The retail price of a 30 day supply costs $79.95, except the X39 patches which are $149.95.

The BEST and most COST-EFFECTIVE way to order patches is with a wholesale account. This allows you to get WAY lower prices on your patches. With this option there is 1 time $25 enrollment fee then and there are no minimum orders and fees. Depending on how many sleeves you purchase, the price per sleeve can be as low as $49.95.

While 79.95-149.95 sounds like a lot that's 1-2 month's supply and less than the cost of 1 acupuncture session without insurance coverage.


How to order and set up a wholesale account

To order patches visit my LifeWave website

Next select JOIN and enter in the country you live in.

The wholesale enrollment kit options will then load. Choose the enrollment kit depending on how many sleeves needed for your protocol. If you are unsure which patches would be best for your needs reach out to me and I can help you select the best options.

You can choose from the following enrollment options in order to access the wholesale rates.

Enrollment Starter: one time $25 fee to get access to wholesale pricing, and then buy the sleeves of patches you want.

Bronze Kit: $124.95 one time fee, includes access to wholesale pricing, two sleeves of patches (you get to choose which ones)

Silver Kit: $299.95 one time fee, includes access to wholesale pricing, six sleeves of patches at lowest price (normally $419.94)

Gold Kit: $499.95 one time fee, includes access to wholesale pricing, eleven sleeves of patches at
lowest price

Next fill out the form with basic information and payment. **Do not worry about the binary placement for new members. Just keep whatever is selected.**

Once you click on the option title to begin ordering, your cart will pre-fill with an X39 sleeve. If you do not want to purchase this sleeve, please click the X in the right hand corner and then add your desired patch selection.  One X39 sleeve equals two of any other sleeve. 

That's it! No minimum orders or annual fees.

Preferred customers can swap the patches on future orders and cancel any time.

NOTE: If you don't want to join as a preferred customer there is the option to checkout as a guest. Its a little more expensive per sleeve. Simply ignore the instructions above. Go to my LifeWave website and click on products -->patches->add whichever patches you'd like and the quantity. A box will pop up offered you to checkout as guest or preferred customer-> choose guest and continue the checkout process. 

***PRACTITIONERS AND OTHERS INTERESTED IN WHOLESALE contact me TO LEARN THE BENEFITS AND STEPS TO SIGN UP AS A DISTRIBUTOR or to join our practitioner Acupatching team filled with learning video, coaching and all the tools to learn and succeed using this revolutionary system. 

If you need assistance or have any questions please contact me and I will be happy to help you. 

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